The Wildland Research Institute

The Wildland Research Institute, a new institute at the University of Leeds

The Wildland Research Institute (WRi) aims to identify and elucidate the requirements, strategies and policies for a transition to a greater presence of wild landscapes within the wider land use continuum of Britain and Europe.

The institute was launched during Wild Week on 19-23 October, 2009, during which there was various exhibitions in the Parkinson Court, including photographic displays from Tooth and Claw. The programme is available here. A day seminar/workshop was be held on the 21 October that brought together invited representatives from nature agencies, national parks and conservation NGOs, as well as from the academic community. The aim of workshop was to explore the role of the WRi, find common ground and set some early research priorities. The outputs from the workshop/seminar are available for download.The Institute was be formally launched on the same day with keynote speakers, Roy Dennis and Jay Griffiths, at an evening reception.
‘All we need is the imagination, and the determination, to make a place for the wild.’


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