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Hamish Fulton 

21 Days In The Cairngorms

Walking, one of the most basic of human activities, has long been both inspiration and subject of exploration for artists. Walking is a way of measuring, a way of encompassing a territory; its pace and rhythm creates a frame in time and space which is delegated by the person walking. In his walks Hamish Fulton actively tests himself and his body: he has undertaken a full week of walking without sleep; he has walked from one side of the country to the other; he has refrained from talking for a full week while walking.  The physical involvement of walking creates receptiveness to the landscape and this accessibility opens the potential for any individual to take part; to make one aware of the environment, and of oneself.

Hamish will be walking our way on the 17th of April 2010 for an arts’ breakfast where he will be discussing: Why is walking art?  And afterwards he will be doing a choreographed walk around Huntly. Then on Sunday 18th Hamish will start his 21 days walking in the Cairngorms.

The Cairngorms are one of the last wilderness areas in Europe. Few other places offer the possibility of several days of walking without human interaction or interference. The Cairngorms as Hamish puts it %u2018have a special place in my heart%u2019, %u2018the one walk I still wish to do in my life and career%u2019.  Huntly is situated on the foothills of the Cairngorms, but regrettably to some not within the geographic and political the boundaries of the National Park.  

Exploring Huntlys moto “Room to Roam” Hamish seeks to highlight the thought process of both mental and physical room to roam and make a geographic link between Huntly and the Cairngorm national park.


Huntly Walking Festival  

Can walking be art? A walking festival with Hamish Fulton. Including walks, discussions, exhibitions and other events. Special guest Shadow Curator Mary-Jane Jacob. For more information please click here.


Saturday and Sunday 17-18 April 2010

Huntly, Aberdeenshire


Watch this space for more details ….






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