what is landscape? and where is its value?

From my EIA module lecture notes:

SNH (2002) say the simplest definition of the term ‘landscape’ is ‘the appearance of the land’ . Landscapes are everywhere and the concept of landscape relates to a mix of both physical features and experiential characteristics. Landscape is actually a broad term with a long history of uses and varying interpretations in terms of meaning. The term evolved from a Dutch painters term from the 16th Century – when Dutch artists were rapidly becoming masters of landscape painting. The Dutch word ‘Landschap’ had originally meant a ‘region or tract of land’ but through it’s artistic evolution it acquired a different meaning when brought over to English of ‘a picture depicting scenery on land’ From being used as a term to describe a type of painting it rapidly began to be used to describe real life ‘landscapes’ as well as pictures.

Pretty different from Tim Ingold’s take on landscape as a “taskscape” of things being done, of change, of temporality and living, of moving between points and experiencing this thing we call landscape in a somatic sense. 


I was reading in the paper today about service design, that the focus for design in development will move away from defining a product so much as what it is, but towards what it does for us. Maybe landscape and wild land needs to be re-presented better on these terms, its value lies not so much in what it is, but what it does for us as a society.


just a thought.




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