Going Solo

RADIATOR presents: GOING SOLO: Rural Adventures in an Urban Network — Artists’ Residency with Dan Belasco Rogers, Simon Faithfull and Esther Polak :: April 8-11 + May 14-15, 2010 :: Derbyshire and Nottingham.

In our increasingly crowded lives, it can be difficult to find the time to think. To generate that new idea, sometimes all we need is a long weekend out from our normal lives, a weekend where we can step out into the fresh air, get our shoes muddy and walk all day without seeing another soul in the hope of returning with a fresh perspective. GOING SOLO is this small window of retreat.

Radiator has given three artists a 4 day sabbatical in the wilderness of rural Derbyshire. Here, they spend their time exploring foot paths and bridle paths in the Peak District National Park, collecting impressions of their surroundings, their journeys, their thoughts. The ‘data’ they collect will reflect their individual practice, the raw material being stored as sound recordings, video, GPS tracks or simply drawings.

The three walk and explore the area of the Dark Peak alone. Going solo, artist and landscape bound by solitude, they capture moments, fragments and impressions to be set later into a final composition. The process suggests a post-romantic communing with nature, a re-engaging of contemporary artist with great outdoors, a bringing together of the urban and the rural.

So we can follow their ups and downs live, the artists are collating data and recording their experiences in an online diary.

GOING SOLO will be developed throughout 2010 and exhibited in 2011 but extracts and artists’ research can be caught at the Radiator Symposium: Tracing Mobility, which takes place on May 15th at Nottingham Contemporary.

Taking place in Nottingham, Warsaw and Berlin, the Tracing Mobility symposia provide an opportunity to increase knowledge about the cultural aspects of future mobility and new spaces created by electronic networks. The symposia will include presentations by our featured artists as well as speakers from the fields of art, architecture, urban theory, geography and computer science, exploring different aspects of “The Mobile Me”.

GOING SOLO participating artists: Dan Belasco Rogers (UK/DE) – blog live now!; Simon Faithfull (UK/DE); Esther Polak (NL)



I was a little amused by the description of “the wilderness of rural Derbyshire”  but maybe wilderness is what we make of it. Certainly it appears that the term is overused to the point where its reference to wildness is devalued but everything is relative especially if you are unused to wide open space away from urban areas, and reflects this cultural desire or need for places for contemplation and transcendental experience.



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