RANE – http://www.rane-research.org/

Research in Art Nature & Environment

The RANE research group, based at University College Falmouth, has been established to examine the relationship between the visual arts and ecological thinking. It actively seeks creative methods through which art can impact on our current environmental predicament. Using artistic practice the group aims to offer interpretations and models of thinking about the natural world that help to promote a sustainable future.

The method employed is transdisciplinary in that it draws together knowledge from the arts and the sciences, within a philosophical framework based on process thinking. Process philosophy, provides a view of nature that is in line with contemporary scientific thinking whilst, at the same time, suggests an ecological and ethical perspective.

Work undertaken so far by RANE includes a number of creative research projects; ‘Comprehending Nature’ the on-going public lecture series; and ‘Artful Ecologies’, the international conference in art, nature & environment hosted in Falmouth in 2006 and 2008. RANE also supports a number of PhD research studentships.




interesting site with links to a range of resources


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