BBC – BBC Radio Scotland Programmes – Out of Doors, 03/04/2010

Scotland’s Wild Landscape conference featured on BBC Scotland radio programme Out of Doors, but the listen again recording is only available for 6 days from today. relevant section at about 20 minutes in to the programme.

> programme synopsis:

The unexpected turn in the weather this week has proved devastating for sheep farmers involved in lambing. Mark visits one farmer to find out how his flock are doing.

Rural ambulances are a lifeline for many elderly and infirm people who live in the Scottish countryside. Mark joins one service on Deeside headed for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Ahead of a major conference on Scotland’s wild landscapes, we explore the concept of wildness and hear how our landscape is increasingly becoming a source of political and economic conflict.

We’ve all heard about munroes – and those in the know will probably be aware of corbetts – but do you know what a Donald is? Tune in to find out why rangers in the Borders are celebrating these humble hills.

Scotland is having the best ski season for decades, but how has this affected the artificial and indoor centres? Denise Glass gets a snowboarding lesson at Xscape in Glasgow and finds out how they are faring.

It is claimed that professional dog walkers are flouting the outdoor access code. The Ranger service at the Pentlands Regional Park is calling for open dialogue with professional dog walkers who, in certain cases, are causing a disturbance in the park. We also hear from someone in the trade who takes specific measures not to impose her activity on other users of recreational areas.

And following our discussion about the differences between minnows and sticklebacks on last week’s Out of Doors, Euan discovers more about the remarkable life cycle of the stickleback.



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