Gavin Lockhart – Crannog : Crochag


In the middle of this image is a large island in Loch Crochag, just off the main road between Tongue and Bettyhill in the north of Scotland. This used to be an isthmus that was made in to an island as part of a Scottish Arts Council and Forestry Commission funded project by Gavin Lockhart in the mid 1990’s. Gavin is a visual / lens based artist and crofter who lives near the small community of Skerray just north of here.

I find this work particularly fascinating as while it appears to be land art project, its intention is not so much to intervene a to not intervene. You can clearly see the trench that was dug over a period of  4 months, but  you can’t see the barrier that was created using roots of old mature pine trees to prevent dear and sheep jumping the channel. The roots were preserved in the peat and are the remains of what was a large forest covering the Highlands. 

If you travel the north highlands you will see many islands in lochs that are the final refuge of trees from Deer and Sheep and this is what Gavin set out to create was a haven of wildness to allow trees to grow without pressure from grazing. If you are up there sometime, go and see it

Art as rewilding.


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