Wild land – Scottish Natural Heritage

Wild land

There are some large areas of Scotland, particularly in the north and west, where signs of human influence are minimal.  These can be mountains, areas of undeveloped coast or even large areas of peat bog.

These wild and remote areas have a distinct and special character, in which many people derive psychological and spiritual benefit.  Research shows that the presence of wild land brings economic benefits  PDF document , attracting visitors and tourists.

These areas are seen as a key component of Scotland’s identity, as is evident from a recent Scottish Natural Heritage survey  PDF document . This found that 91% of the Scottish population believe it is important to retain wild places, and half the people interviewed believe that they are under threat from new development.

An assessment of historic trends in the extent of wild land in Scotland: a pilot study  PDF document quantifies the loss of wild land over the past 100 years from developments such as renewable energy, forestry and new roads or tracks.

See Wildland Policy for more information.

SNH website resources on landscape is wide and deep would require commitment to read and absorb. But its worth a visit to get a flavour. The above extract relates particularly to wild land.


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