One person’s beautiful landscape is another person’s idea of hell.

Standing on the Dava moor watching the muir burning this year ( which appears to have a got out of control at one point judging by the presence of Fire Crews), I was reminded of the fact that despite people like me really loving this place there are people that really don’t get it. Two large mattresses dumped at the side of the road. I wondered what thought processes are involved in this act and then I thought well to many people this just the middle of nowhere and it’s as good a place as any to dump your crap. To me, as someone who has traveled the B9007 regularly (snow permitting) its just beyond belief that you would do this. I’ve regularly seen Black Grouse flying up from the side of the road and pine marten and mountain hares dashing across, even once I think I saw a Wildcat here. For a classic grouse shooting moor I think this is a pretty good sign of balanced ecosystem and is probably due to sections of the moor being reforested. I never see Red Deer and there are very few sheep, and though a pheasant took out my radiator grill a few years back, its rare to see them out on the moor.

Heading over to Deveron Arts Huntly, tomorrow to see Hamish Fulton speak. Would really like to get him to to talk on camera about his work after his “21 days in the Cairngorms”. Hope to arrange to do this and get down to Glenmore Lodge in May when he finishes his walk.

Its been good getting out to meet and talk with artists and curators. Recent meetings with Iliyana Nedkova at Horsecross in Perth and a trip to HICA chatting with Geoff Lucas and Eilidh Crumlish have been really beneficial to joining up the dots of the research. Also met with London Fieldworks who work with Tracey Warr to support their Outlandia project.


Finishing off a video of various wild landscape timelapses for the conference, hopefully finish it next week.


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