A moment for reflection


This blog was created as a way of gathering information, anecdotes, conversations and thoughts together as part of a professional development placement supporting the Scotland’s Wild Landscapes conference that takes place this coming week. So I’m nearing the end of this process. It has been a really enriching and eye opening journey so far and I expect an even more rewarding experience at the event to round up my research. I have had to function on many multiple tracks recently due to other commitments its been a bit hard to keep focussed on the process. I’m in the middle of editing a video for Scottish Dance Theatre, planning a research and development project with my partner Katrina and San Jija, a choreographer from Hong Kong, and doing some further future work planning, I should also mention the family commitments and a Strategic Environmental Assessments assignment, but anyway I’m here and its all holding together and its almost so far so good, come off as I wanted. I have a meeting with Hamish Fulton tomorrow as he comes off his “21 days in the Cairngorms” project. I hope he remembers he has agreed to be interviewed. I’m looking forward to pulling it all together and finishing it all off by late June. I’ll get the videos on the website as soon as possible. 



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