The End – Thomson + Craighead – HICA – 20 June-25 July 2010


Thomson + Craighead                

20 June – 25 July 2010

The Highland Institute for Contemporary Art

Thomson + Craighead’s exhibition at HICA will include new time-related pieces: a major new film work, The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order; is a complete rendition of the 1960’s film version of HG Wells novella Time Machine, re-edited by the artists in its entirety into alphabetical order. This re-working imposes a formalistic time travel on the original movie and presents it back as a more esoteric and rhythmic narrative assemblage.
Another work, The End is an intervention into HICA’s picture window, where the words ‘The End’ are fixed onto the inside of the glass in a style and scale one would associate with the end credits of a movie.  By the simplest means possible, the artists gently fictionalise the surrounding landscape by suggesting a sense of cinematic time overlaying the real-time view out of the window.

The exhibition runs from 20 June – 25 July 2010, and is open on Sundays 2 – 5pm, or by appointment.




HICA, Dalcrombie, Loch Ruthven, Dores, Inverness-shire, IV2 6UA, UK

T: +44 (0)1808-521-306        

This work ‘The End’ by Thomson and Craighead is a fitting end of placement posting to the blog.  The fictionalising of a landscape, framing and distancing the viewer. I hope its not meant as a prophesy but more as a philosophical comment.


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