if i follow you do we make a path?

‘If I follow you, do we make a path? http://www.left-luggage.co.uk/path/a889.html

Roads have memories – the more a route is used the more likely it is to be upgraded and expanded. Journeys are resonant – each time we travel the same path we are reminded of other times we followed it and a permanently etched internal map starts to appear. But memories get distorted and truth is a difficult concept.


A slow motion composite journey along the most dangerous road in Britain in which the road takes centre screen and obvious traces of human activity have been edited out or altered. Inspired in part by the statistical anomaly that labelled the A889 ‘the most dangerous road in Britain’, and in part by the more general myths of the Highland landscape and its history, this web-based work recreates a kind of false wilderness. We spent time driving up and down the road, stopping along the way, looking for evidence of the relationship between the road and the people who use it, and looking into its history and how, layer-by-layer, the shape and identity of the road has built up through time. Having filmed these multiple journeys, we marked for future improvement the unwanted ‘non-romantic’ detritus along the road, in a slightly ham-fisted ‘clean up’ that echoes the myth that is the Highland wilderness. The older the work gets the more interesting it will become as the difference between the work and reality increases.

2002 – Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes



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