BBC News – Ray Mears wary of bringing wolves back to Scotland

Ray Mears/Pic: Ray Mears Goes Walkabout
Ray Mears said he would support re-introduction if done to help an eco-system

Outdoors survival expert Ray Mears has warned that re-introducing wolves to Scotland could lead to public resentment of the animals.

Speaking to Richard Madeley on BBC Radio Two, he said the predator could cause upset through its natural behaviour.

Releasing wolves into the wild has been the subject of a long-standing debate among conservationists.

A Highlands estate shelved plans to introduce wolves earlier this year.

In the radio interview, Mr Mears questioned the reasons for bringing wolves back to Scotland.

He said: “If someone was saying we are releasing them because we think it will create an eco-system that was more harmonious and because their absence was felt in the landscape then I would agree with it.

“If we were releasing them because we want to see them, I don’t think that is a good enough reason.”

Mr Mears added: “When you release an apex predator you have to think how you are going to control it because it is going to do its thing.

“Often what happens in these situations you are going to have an animal that people then resent. I don’t think we should condemn an animal because it is living to its nature.”

Well of course by releasing wolves it would create a more balanced ecosystem (killing old and sick red deer) but people would also want to see them as well no? But I can appreciate the point about resentment. The reintroduction of large raptors is a case in point. How do we live with our top predators and farm as well? Surely there is room for this.


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