Hamish Fulton. Mountain Time Human Time

Artists: Hamish Fulton

Authors: Jay Griffiths, Jim Crumley
Format: 27 x 21 cm
Pages: 80
Binding: paperback
Illustrations: 45 in color
Year: 2010
Edition: English
Partners: Deveron Arts
ISBN 978-88-8158-791-9


Price: €27.00

In Mountain Time Human Time, the British Walking Artist Hamish Fulton (born 1946) proposes that by walking and especially by wild camping in accordance with LEAVE NO TRACE, a closer relationship with nature can be achieved. Fulton believes that the root cause of global warming is our lack of respect for every form of life on the planet, except our own. In Mountain Time Human Time, the artist places his 21-day walk in the Cairngorms region of Scotland into a wider context: preservation of the wild. The Cairngorms are the most extensive area of subarctic landscape in Britain.


Lovely Book. Thanks for the thanks Hamish! And thanks for giving a wee nod to Rob McMorran at the Centre for Mountain Studies as well.


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