Further steps on Land Use Strategy


Steps to implement Scotland’s Land Use Strategy have been published today.

The Action Plan brings together a joined-up set of commitments from across the Scottish Government, all of which contribute to the long term vision for land use and the management of Scotland’s land and resources.

Cooperation across land managers and users is required to achieve more sustainable land use, an ambition that once accomplished should bring increased prosperity and enduring benefits to Scotland.

Research is also being commissioned to evaluate the application of the strategy in existing decision making, the findings of which will inform the first review of the Land Use Strategy.

Commitments in the Action Plan to deliver the 13 Proposals detailed in the Strategy include:

  • Development of an Agri-Renewables Strategy in summer 2012
  • Submission of advice from the Woodland Expansion Advisory Group in June 2012
  • Water environment mapping by SEPA during 2012
  • Creation of an Environmental Crime Taskforce in spring 2012
  • The identification of pilot areas for peatland restoration

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

“Pressures on Scotland’s natural resources require us to look at optimising how we use and manage these resources.

“The Land Use Strategy and the Action Plan continue to help Scotland develop and implement more joined-up plans to safeguard our precious and finite land resources. I wholly encourage partnership working wherever possible across all the different land use interests – be it public, private and third sector – for the benefit of all.

“These steps will influence land use decision making now and in the future, helping to ensure that the right decisions are made for the economy, for the environment and for communities.”



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