UHI campus – another missed opportunity

Watch this video. Read the blurb. What do you see? A place to inspire sustainable behaviour? A place that supports wildlife? A place that is an outdoor classroom? A place that makes you want to love nature and wild land? A place that will connect students to ecology and biology and make them want to make a better world?

No I thought not. What we see is business as usual. More of the same. endless grass, manicured borders, nature controlled, a tech driven future, with little or no connection to the biodiversity and ecology that we all depend onto survive. Whovever dreamt this up should be ashamed for having no imagination that moves beyond short term vocational thinking.

I have graduated from three university campuses now each of them have the same perspective. We are doomed as a species if we insist on setting such a poor example to undergraduates. 

A new campus should be a golden opportunity to show the world how we can do it differently and inspire a truly sustainable approach to education.


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