Landscape character assessment – Scottish Natural Heritage

Landscape Character Assessment (LCA)

Scotland has many different landscapes: woodland, farmland, croftland, urban, coastal, mountainous, and within these there are many variations.  For example, woodland can be coniferous (such as pine, spruce or fir) or broadleaved (such as birch, willow or oak) or a mix;  farmland can have field boundaries of dykes (stone walls), ditches, hedges or fences;   urban areas can have their buildings widely spaced or densely packed;  mountains can be rocky and rugged or smooth and rounded. 

What is landscape character assessment?

Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) is a standard system for identifying, describing, classifying and mapping this variety of landscape: it helps explain what makes landscapes different from each other. The whole of Scotland has been mapped and described.

LCA provides baseline information that can be used to guide landscape change – by feeding into development plans, decisions on development proposals, land management plans, indicative forestry strategies and agri-environment schemes.

Find landscape character assessment reports

Click on the map below to find a report or browse the full list of Landscape Character Assessment reports.

Further information

More information on the practical uses of LCA can be found in our tools and techniques pages and on the Landscape Character Network website external site .

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