Northern Times – Lairg wind farm would affect wild land – SNH objects

A proposed 22-turbine windfarm at Sallachy, north of Lairg, would result in the loss of a large area of wild land, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has advised.

In objecting to the proposals, SNH has also highlighted the adverse effect the development would have on the Assynt and Coigach National Scenic Area (NSA), and the potential impacts on a range of other important sites for wild birds and habitats. Confirming the organisation’s objection, SNH’s director of operations, Andrew Bachell, said: “We support renewable energy as a means of tackling climate change. Our role is to provide information and advice to help decision makers balance the needs of the industry with those of nature and landscape, and get the right developments in the right places. “Wild land is a scarce national resource, and most of it is in the Highlands. This particular area in Sutherland has remained free from windfarms and we don’t think the concerns we have raised can be addressed to the extent that would be required to protect the wild land. “We have been advising the developer and their consultants since 2008 so at least our advice, and the reasons behind it, will come as no surprise.”


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