Forest Pitch

Art and Sport come together for a remarkable event.

On a single day this summer, on 21st July 2012, two amateur football matches will take place in a Scottish forest, as part of the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival. Forest Pitch by Craig Coulthard is a celebration of art and sport that revives the original spirit of the modern Olympics.


The teams – two male and two female – will play on a specially created full size football pitch hidden deep within a forest in the Scottish Borders.

Uniquely, the teams will be made up of recent British citizens or those with Leave to Remain living in Scotland.

Watched by over 1,000 spectators and followed on line via a live internet broadcast, the players will wear colourful team strips designed by Scottish school children.

Forest Pitch screenprint by Craig Coulthard

Forest Pitch, Print by Craig Coulhard

Spruce trees felled to make space for the pitch are being used to create the goalposts, benches and a changing room.

After Match Day, the pitch will be planted with native trees where the markings once were, creating an evolving, living sculpture which holds memories of this remarkable event. The site will be freely accessible to the public for up to 60 years.

One of the official themes of the Cultural Olympiad is to ‘welcome the world’. By celebrating the diversity of Scottish communities, Forest Pitch hopes to bring together people of all backgrounds, religions and languages, through the event.

Craig was initially inspired to create Forest Pitch by his own childhood experiences of playing football in the middle of a forest. This art project invites us to explore our views on landscape, memory, community, national identity and what it means to be British.

Craig Coulthard on site

Craig Coulthard on site

Forest Pitch is an Artists taking the lead commission supported by Creative Scotland in partnership with the Arts Council of England.

Wonderful project but It should really say – Art, Sport and the Natural Environment come together for a remarkable event.


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