Creative Scotland: Inspiring landscapes – National Scenic Areas

Very short notice residency opportunity.

Creative Scotland: Inspiring landscapes – National Scenic Areas.

This residency will enable the selected artist(s) to explore some of Scotland’s most outstanding landscapes, and through developing their understanding of their special qualities be able to interpret and celebrate these places. We envisage the artist(s) would
• develop an understanding of the process of identifying the special qualities of these places, and why these areas have been identified;
• be able to recognise the special qualities and how they are expressed across the individual NSA;
• through engaging with the communities who live and work in the NSA, or people who visit them, explore our understanding and national recognition of what is special about these landscapes and what it means for their management of landscape change.

It is anticipated that the selected artist(s) would:
• create a new piece of work that will either be presented/installed within the NSA, or elsewhere in Scotland appropriate to the intended audience; and
• present a workshop for relevant SNH staff and stakeholders, reflecting on the work and recommendations for delivering similar work in other NSAs.

This opportunity is available in: Eilean Siar, Highland, North Ayrshire, Perth and Kinross, Scottish Borders

SNH is a national agency funded by the Scottish Government to provide advice on the care and enjoyment of all of Scotland’s nature and landscapes. Our statutory purpose is to secure the conservation and enhancement of nature and landscapes; to foster their understanding and facilitate their enjoyment and promote their sustainable use and management.

The 40 NSAs were designated by Scottish Ministers in 1980, and cover nearly 13% of Scotland. They range from Shetland in the north to the Fleet Valley in the south, and Eildon and Leaderfoot Hills in the east to St. Kilda in the west. They include our most spectacular mountain areas, more managed landscapes, and the outstanding diversity of coastal and island landscapes. The largest is over 1400 km2, the smallest less than 9 km2.

For further information, please contact (Simon Brooks), or call 01463 725315, or visit The deadline is Friday 19 July 2013 at 16:00.


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