Eroding the Mountains of Inertia

I highly recommend reading this article on Andy Wightman’s blog about the degraded state of our landscape and how vested interests and wilful political blindness stop the simplest of solutions to a perennial problem. Plant trees. Read the discussion in the comments section to get some more detailed science and opinion.

Eroding the Mountains of Inertia is a guest article by Ron Greer and Derek Pretswell. In light of the ongoing problems with landslips on the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful and further west in Glen Kinglas, Ron and Derek remind us that they were advocating substantial ecological restoration over 30 years ago. They pioneered, from first principles and scientific observations, an approach that would restore the ecology of much of Upland Scotland. But official Scotland and vested interests blocked their plans.

via Eroding the Mountains of Inertia | Land Matters.


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